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Kalos are hand woven with highest quality Japanese seed beads.  The tongue is made of natural leather.

See how to attach and remove:

To attach your Kalos:

  1. Remove the protective cover from one side of an adhesive semi-circle provided with your Kalos. The package includes two dozen adhesive semicircles (each can be reused multiple times).
  2. Affix the adhesive semi-circle on the inner side of the tongue on the back of your Kalos.
  3. Remove the remaining protective layer from the adhesive on the tongue. Keep this second protective layer.
  4. Holding back the tongue, place your Kalos flat on your shoe so that the tongue is inside the shoe.
  5. Position to align the tip of your Kalos with the tip of your shoe, and the junction of the tongue close to the topline of your shoe.
  6. Affix the tongue on the inner side of the shoe.

To remove your Kalos:

  1. Gently roll back the tongue to detach from the inner side of the shoe. Avoid pulling on the beaded decorative part of your Kalos.
  2. In case the adhesive detaches together with the tongue, either carefully remove it, or leave it on and cover it with the protective cover saved from before. In this case, it can be reused later.
  3. In case the adhesive remains on the inner side of the shoe, do not forget to remove it and to throw it away.

To clean and care:

Clean your Kalos carefully with a wet cloth. Avoid scrubbing the beads. Let your Kalos dry completely before storing them in the pouch they were delivered in.