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Our story

It happened in an ordinary office on a dull Thursday afternoon.
Thursdays are truly underrated…
I wore my high heels and was supposed to look fabulous.
Once someone said that heels are an amazing invention: put them on - you are a glamorous woman, take them off - you are a happy woman.
After lunch, all I could dream of was to kick this amazing invention off.
And I did.
Oh, those first seconds…
At that point, I seriously considered moving into that restroom and establishing a colony of happy barefoot women there.
But, apparently, there comes a point in every woman’s life where she has to put her shoes back on, get up from the toilet and leave the office restroom stall.
I tried.
But I was barefoot and my feet have swollen, so there was no way I could jam them back in…
So, I wrapped my feet in a strap of toilet paper and, surprisingly, slid them in.
I tied the ends and walked out of the restroom to my office rocking my toilet paper ties.
That day the idea of the ShoeTie was born.
to be continued...

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