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Why you should patent your ideas

the yet nonexistent...
Once, as I was putting my daughter Lucy to bed, she went on and on about a magical amulet she saw in a movie earlier.
While the existence of this mystical adornment was well established and indisputable, Lucy did spend a reasonable 75 seconds outlining her detailed plan of acquiring such, before she proceeded to prioritizing between world peace and candy rain.
Suddenly, the bright future of the universe was tarnished: what if her amulet is stolen by a wicked witch, or what is worse: by Ani - her ideological adversary from our neighborhood. Or it could stain, or even break!!!
To calm her down I cautiously referred to the possibility that such an amulet does not exist. And, since it does not exist -it can neither be stolen, nor broken. That is the thing about imaginary things - those are of highest quality.
In the end, she was convinced of the resilience of the nonexistent, but still insisted that anything can be stolen…
So, we decided to patent our product ideas.


to be continued...

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