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who said that pocket ties are only for his pocket...

To attach your PopTie:

  1. Remove protective cover from one side of an adhesive semi-circle provided with your PopTie.
  2. Affix it on the small triangular part of your PopTie, i.e. the tongue, above the snap button.
  3. Fold back diagonally.
  4. Then fold again to the front.
  5. Twist and snap the buttons together.
  6. Remove the remaining protective cover from the adhesive on the tongue and keep it.
  7. Insert the tongue into the shoe and affix on the inner side of the shoe.
  8. Mirror the same steps to attach the PopTie to the other shoe.
  9. Whether you start with the left or the right shoe depends on your personal preference.

First shoe


Second shoe


To remove your PopTie:

  1. Firmly grab one side of the tongue of your PopTie.
  2. Peel gently to detach from the inner side of the shoe.
  3. In case the adhesive detaches together with the PopTie, either carefully remove it from the PopTie or leave it on and protect it with the protective cover saved from before. In case left on it can be reused later.
  4. In case the adhesive remains on the inner side of the shoe, do not forget to remove it and to throw it away.

Or follow the tutorial:


To clean and care:

To have that luxurious look PopTies are made of high quality silk fabric.

If worn carefully these can be left on shoes and worn multiple time.

In case they need cleaning, we suggest you clean them before storing to have these ready to pop up your look next time.

To wash, dry, and iron your PopTie we suggest you first carefully unsnap them. Doing that try to avoid pulling on the fabric too much.

PopTies are attached to the shoe using double sided adhesive semi-circles, so make sure to remove these before washing or ironing.

PopTies are made of silk and shall be washed, preferably hand washed, separately in cold to lukewarm water using a mild detergent. These shall then be left to dry and ironed on low (silk) setting, preferably using a protective cloth. Snap buttons are made of heat resistant nylon.