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How to tie your half-bow ShoeTie

  • Place your shoetie horizontally under the first half of your foot.
  • Position your foot so that the end left to the side of your toe is nearly half the length of the end left to the outer side of your foot.
  • Wrap your foot with your shoetie by crossing the ends of your shoetie on the top of your foot. (first fold the longer end then the shorter end)
  • While slightly pulling on the ends of your shoetie, so that your foot stays wrapped, comfortably slide your foot into the shoe.
  • Tie the loose ends of your shoetie in a half bow close to the topline of your shoe.
  • For a demonstration watch the simple tutorial below.

To clean and care:

To have that luxurious look and feel shoeties are made of high quality natural silk or tulle fabric. 

In case they need cleaning, we suggest you clean them before storing.

Shoeties shall be hand washed separately in cold to lukewarm water using a mild detergent. These shall be then left to dry and then ironed on low (silk) setting, preferably using a protective cloth.